Daniela Veloza

University: Harvard University
Major: Economics, with a secondary in Philosophy
Languages: English and Spanish
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Biography: I was born near Miami, Florida and come from Colombian descent. As a first-year student at Harvard University I plan on concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Visual and Environmental Studies. My choice of major reflects a middle of the road approach in my wide range of interests. Economics is the intersection of concrete quantitative analysis and qualitative prediction of behavior, an interesting math-heavy critical thinking approach to highly subjective decision making. Visual and Environmental Studies, on the other hand, reflect my love for artistic creativity, especially photography. I hope to develop skills in concrete problem solving through Economics and in creativity through VES. I hope to enter a business career in marketing or finance where I can exercise my wide range of interests.

I am involved in multiple activities ranging from business organizations to event planning groups. I am involved in the Harvard Yearbook business board, where I assist in running Harvard’s entirely student run publication and will develop next year’s marketing strategies as a Associate Marketing Manager. I am also part of the Harvard International Review, a quarterly publication about international affairs. I primarily focus on developing the HIR’s online advertising campaign and reaching out to corporations for advertisement. In event planning, I am a member of the First Year Social Committee as one of 14 students selected to create monthly freshman class-wide events for Harvard. In my spare time, I am an active HSA Tutor helping improve SAT test taking skills and subject specific knowledge in high school students.

This upcoming summer, I will study abroad in Venice, focusing on economics courses, to gain a global economic perspective.