Camilla in New York City’s Central Park

Camilla in New York City’s Central Park

Camilla Misiaszek

University: Columbia University
Major: Economics with a minor in Art History
Languages: English (Native), Polish, Spanish
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Biography: My name is Camilla Misiaszek and I’m currently a first year student at Columbia University, majoring in Economics and Art History. I’m most interested in studying the effects of globalization on emerging markets and its broader economic, social, political, and cultural implications on the world. I hope to become well versed in international business law and one day create global economic policy.

Although my family is from Poland, I was born and raised in Chicago. Growing up, I’ve been exposed to current events in Eastern Europe, which has instilled a life long curiosity of what is going on in the world. This desire to better understand the world, other cultures, and other people has lead to my passion of Art History. In my free time, I enjoy learning in New York’s numerous museums and galleries.

Regardless of the professional path I pursue in the future, I hope it encompasses an international focus and allows me to make a positive difference in the world.