Bosen (middle) with classmates at Yale-NUS College

Bosen (middle) with classmates at Yale-NUS College

Bosen xia

University: Yale-NUS
Major: Liberal Arts
Languages: Mandarin, English, Spanish
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Biography: I’m Bosen Xia, a student at one of the most diverse schools in the world: Yale-NUS College in Singapore. I was raised in a traditional Chinese family in the historical city of Xi’an, China and traveled to Singapore alone at the age of 15 seeking an international education. I speak Chinese, English, and am studying Spanish this summer in Argentina.

I first pursued my passion for the social sector by starting a student organization called “Chingapore,” which helped recently arrived Chinese students better integrate in Singapore. I also launched “Anybody Can Lead,” a leadership training camp in a Chinese school that promoted high academic performance and holistic leadership development.

I aspire to become an international entrepreneur and to have a global impact by running a transnational business that brings economic development to Asia and Latin America.