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blessed mahovo

University: Imperial College London
Major: Chemical engineering
Languages: Shona
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Biography: My name is Blessed Mahovo. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa. I am in my first year of an integrated Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London.

I grew up under harsh conditions in Zimbabwe and was raised by a single father after my mother passed away. The financial cost of attending a state school was a serious family challenge. At the age of 14, I decided to channel my energy toward my education. 

After completing my studies, I will use my engineering skills to profoundly change the agricultural system in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. Almost 70% of the African population is engaged in subsistence farming with wide-spread low productivity. A modest input of skills, technology, machinery, collaboration and money can close this productivity gap, an achievement that will be a positive step toward ending hunger within the African continent.