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Aimé bienfait igiraneza

University: University of Pennsylvania
Major: Health, pre-med
Languages: French, Kirundi, Swahili, Kinyarwanda
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Biography: I was born in Bujumbura, in the West part of Burundi, in East Africa. Not as many children of my age, I was lucky enough to have educated parents who pushed me to go to school. After completing primary school, I attended a boarding school in the Northern part of Burundi. Throughout education process so far, I have been driven by a great desire of eventually making a positive impact on my community. While from a country with a handicapped leadership, I am convinced that young people like me are the country’s better future. At the end of high school, I applied to an American organization called Bridge2Rwanda, whose main mission is to train future leaders for Africa through helping them have access to high education abroad. Hence, I applied to the University of Pennsylvania, which I currently attend on a full scholarship, intending to major in Health and Societies.