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Belinda Azamati

University: Princeton University
Major: International Relations
Languages: French, Arabic, Ewe
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Biography: Passion: a compelling or powerful emotion; Extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, and desire. Passion is the root and essence of who I am. It is my passion for the world and the people in it that spurs my commitment to working to create a more just world. Through my travel and volunteer opportunities I discovered my passion for social justice and human rights. I have an irrepressible desire to help create change through facets such as education, public policy, and legal reform. I am interested in pursuing a career in Middle Eastern Affairs and conflict resolution. I want to work with governments and international organizations to create policies and implement infrastructure that will improve the quality of life of citizens in developing countries through the establishment of stability and the procurement of human dignity. I intend to join the Foreign Service as a diplomat to continue working against inequality on the international scale.