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Belinda Azamati

University: Princeton University
Major: International Relations
Languages: French, Arabic, Ewe

Biography: Passion: a compelling or powerful emotion; extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, and desire. Passion is the root and essence of who I am. It is my passion for the world and the people in it that spurs my commitment to working to create economic and social mobility opportunities for the disenfranchised.

I was raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland as the oldest of five children. Growing up, I could see the countless sacrifices my parents made in immigrating from Togo to raise my siblings and I in the United States. At a young age I realized that working hard in school for the opportunity to go to college was the only option I had to break the cycle of poverty. From my life experiences as a first generation, African American woman, I am deeply motivated by inequality and passionate about financial empowerment for marginalized communities.

I am now a Gates Scholar at Princeton University studying Politics and pursuing additional certificates in Entrepreneurship, Near Eastern Studies, and African Studies. Through my passion for travel, I have been fortunate enough to have lived in Morocco, South Africa, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the United Kingdom.

As a globally- minded intellectual, I enjoy staying up to date with world affairs and trying to understand how political events affects the financial markets. I intend to pursue a career in the financial services. As a Comparative Politics major, I see the connection between events in the geopolitical landscape and the influence on corporations and individual actors.

I hope to be able to use my Princeton education and career in finance to enable systematic social change, empower communities of color, and make an impact in the lives of many here in the U.S. and abroad.