Augusto Bravo Ballon

University: Brown University
Major: Economics and Theatre and Arts Performance (Dance)
Languages: Spanish, French, Italian
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Biography: Augusto is a Peruvian student currently enrolled at Brown University. Augusto lived most of his life in Lima, Peru where he participated in various academic, artistic, athletic and volunteering activities. After experiencing a memory-based academic system, his desire for education with critical thinking would take him on a wonderful two-year adventure at the prestigious United World College Red Cross Nordic in the Norwegian west coast.

During his studies in Norway, Augusto got involved with Amnesty International and the Norwegian Red Cross, and later obtained his International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. At Brown, Augusto studies Economics, but is also involved with the French and Dance departments. His interest for Economics is born from his desire to positively engage in the different aspects of his society, including poverty and wealth disparities. Similarly, dance is one his passions as he considers it an inherent part of his culture- something that keeps him connected. Augusto is also involved with several student-run organization such as Buxton International House, Mezcla Dance Group, and the Badminton Club. "Augusto spent his summer working for Goldman Sachs in their Investment Banking Division. He is currently studying Economics and Management at Oxford University, Pembroke College as part of his study abroad program.

Augusto is an enthusiastic student who has gained global experience from a very young age. He has been exposed to different people, cultures and audiences throughout his years of study, all of which have helped him develop tolerance, resilience and geographical mobility. Augusto is a team-worker, as well as a self-driven student and is now proudly a member of the 2015 FGL Fellowship.