Ashwini on the right

Ashwini on the right

Ashwini Kumar

University: Tohoku University
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Languages: Hindi (native), English, Japanese

Biography: The geographic, economic and political location of my village has caused the vast majority of my county officials to question its existence. The educational condition is so dismal that my father never had the opportunity to go to school and my mother still cannot believe there is an educational institution as large as Tohoku University, where I currently study. I left my small village in India for the modern lights of Japan and the internationally renowned education of Tohoku University and I will not let anything deter my success.

I study Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Japan’s prestigious Tohoku University. My passion for technology and multicultural diversity, led me to join Tohoku University’s Foreign Student Association (TUFSA) and Tohoku University`s international exchange division as Administrative Assistant. Both experiences give me incredible opportunities to meet and serve people from various backgrounds and countries. Through TUFSA we assist more than 300 international exchange students and visiting guests per semester.

I am confident, a team player, and I always accept new challenges and learning opportunities, attributes that have made my life in Japan very active. My exposure to science and technology with leadership has helped me develop a sound foundation for nurturing further research and leadership activities. I would like to see myself  on a team and among the pioneers who work at the interface  between  technology, management and public policy. I will then be closer to my goal of becoming a global leader in the field of technology innovation, something I will leverage for the betterment of society.