Arianna during the FGL Leadership training in Wyoming

Arianna during the FGL Leadership training in Wyoming

Arianna Regalado

University: Wellesley College
Major: Political Science and Economics
Languages: Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian
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Biography: I was raised in Long Beach, California by Mexican parents and grew up navigating American Exceptionalism and Mexican mysticism, translating English into Spanish (and vice versa) and also learning my city’s other languages. Alongside my autistic brother, I learned the privilege of being able to use these languages to communicate with others, the importance of being heard, and the crucial necessity of assisting those who are silenced. This experience has inspired my passion for human rights and the fight to promote democracy to increase the diversity of the voices globally. I aim to become a lawyer and amplify the voices of marginalized communities through public policy.

I am a second-year student at Wellesley College majoring in Political Science and Economics. I am passionate about law, politics, research, education, and languages. My first language is Spanish and I have studied English, Chinese, Italian, French, and I am currently learning Arabic and Greek. Being a minority and a first­ generation college student, I have gained an incredible insight into my own community’s narrative, which molds the lens I see the world through. I am grateful for all the opportunities I am given and seek to create more for others. I am involved in MEZCLA, a student organization at Wellesley College, which facilitates the unification of Latina students on campus, and in Wellesley’s political committee, where I coordinate cultural awareness campaigns with a political focus on Latina issues and promote a greater presence of Latina educators on campus.

This summer, I will also be the Program Intern for The Alexander Hamilton Friends Association in Seattle, Washington where I’ll be in charge of organizing and executing domestic and international programs for exceptional high school students. This experience will facilitate the creation of my own non­profit organization (within the next two years) centered around providing vital resources to the siblings of children on the autism spectrum. I have gained further insight into the special needs community through my independent research projects pertaining to special needs classroom pedagogy and working to save special needs programs in struggling communities for the last 5 years. Providing underprivileged communities the equity they deserve continues to strengthen my passion for social justice and the law. I seek to incorporate my nonprofit experience, community leadership, and passion for equity to enable social change. I plan to eventually attend law school in order to implement enduring social change on a global scale.