André in his hometown, Embu das Artes, Brazil

André in his hometown, Embu das Artes, Brazil

André Garcia de Oliveira

University: Yale University
Major: Chemical engineering
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish & French
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Biography: My name is André Garcia de Oliveira. I am a chemical engineering student at Yale University. I was born and raised in Embu das Artes, Brazil and had never traveled outside of my country before matriculating at Yale. Studying abroad is the materialization of a dream shared by my family and me.  

My parents did not receive a high school diploma; however, they always encouraged me to attend university and with their support, I began pursuing my dreams. After working diligently in middle school, I won a scholarship to attend my high school, Escola Lourenço Castanho. There, I conducted scientific research on the impacts of environmental changes on the incidence of dengue in Embu das Artes. I presented my findings to my community, as well as at conferences, and finally at Yale during the Yale Young Global Scholar summer program.

I taught myself English and calculus to be able to attend college and enroll in the chemical engineering program. I intend to benefit from the education I am receiving in order to lead ground-breaking research on global solutions for climate change.