Amina is pictured on the set of CNews in France

Amina is pictured on the set of CNews in France

amina abdeljalil

University: Sciences Po Paris
Major: Economics
Languages: Italian, French, Arabic, German, Amazigh
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Biography: My name is Amina Abdeljalil and I am 19 years old. I grew up in Italy, in Torino. I lived there for 10 years and then left for France.

Experiencing this immigration trajectory made me realize the difficulties that could face migrants and refugees, while faced with the obligation to quit their country and start over in another one. Hence, I am particularly committed to organizations designed to help immigrants. Last year, I was a coach for refugees in the association Wintegreat and I worked with a Syrian refugee in her integration into the French society, by helping her acquiring “codes” that seems obvious to us but that aren’t to foreigners.

I am also currently involved in the student association Sciences Po Refugee Help as a member of the bureau. We have around 200 motivated volunteers and different poles that overlap and try to meet all needs of refugees: asylum aid, material needs, social activities, sport, French classes, as well as an awareness-raising program, designed to raise public opinion’s about migrants and refugees living conditions and thus to increase people’s acceptance and tolerance towards this population.

The fight against inequalities is something that really matters to me. Existing inequalities struck me, especially when I left Paris and moved to the suburbs after I settled in France. It was an eye-opening experience for me: it felt like it was a whole different world, yet we were only few kilometers from Paris. 

I was confronted to the growing pauperization of those suburbs, resulting from the 2008 economic crisis. Social inequalities were tenfold. 

Nevertheless, I believe that those difficulties can be contained with education. Hence, I currently intervene in middle school classes located in disadvantaged areas, as a speaker with the association Énergie Jeunes, which was designed to give tools to young students to succeed and not give up, no matter what the difficulties are.

Attending Sciences Po and embracing Parisian life was like a rebirth for me; it helped me enlarge my perspectives and release myself from the borders my whole environment wanted to put around me. Today, I am finally able to study what really thrills me. Sciences Po is known for multi-disciplined teaching, allowing me to take different and equally interesting classes in law, economics, political science, history, international relations... Besides that, I also study English and Arabic. As far as sports are concerned, I practice horse-riding and paragliding.

In the future, I would like to dedicate myself to the field of national or international security and work in military organizations of cooperation like NATO. In order to achieve this vocation, I’ll pursue my studies at Sciences Po with a Public Affairs master’s degree, in specialty defense & security or PSIA International Security.