Alison Li

University: University of Hong Kong
Major: Law and Business Administration
Languages: English, Cantonese, and Mandarin
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Biography: I am the eldest sibling in a single-parent family. Being sensitive to unfairness, I have longed to make changes that shape a better world and recently became a Founding member of the Hong Kong-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Foundation. 

I have been volunteering for over ten years and was recognized for my outstanding service with the Caritas' Gold Award in the Volunteer Movement. At the Hong Kong Outstanding Students' Association I currently organize meaningful events for Hong Kong youth. I also extend my care to South East Asia through my work at the Nanyang Entrepreneur Foundation, a nonprofit regional association which aims to connect and nurture young entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, China and ASEAN by providing seminars, holding forums and launching overseas internship programs.

Concerning my profession, I participated in a free legal advice observer program to acquire experience in the legal field. In the future, I wish to benefit societies by providing free legal services to the poor; improving policies and laws; and spreading justice in developing countries. I deem this the best way to express my gratitude to society.