Abukar Adan

University: Colby College
Major: Government and Education double major
Languages: English (Native), Maay Maay (Native), Spanish (Intermediate)
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Biography:  My name is Abukar Adan and I am a third-year at Colby College, where I am pursuing a double major in Government and Education, with a concentration in Schools, Society and Culture. This semester, I will be studying in New York City, Nepal, Jordan and Chile, through the International Honors Program. I will examine the rhetoric and reality of human rights, exploring questions involving labor conditions, refugee rights, freedom of the media, peace building and civil liberties. I am passionate about social justice, creative nonfiction and new media. I aspire to shape the discourse on contemporary issues, through investigative and advocacy journalism.

As an Editorial Assistant for the Colby Magazine and a Blogger for the Huffington Post, I’ve had the opportunity to strengthen my written, research and analytical skills. I’ve worked with an editorial staff, pitching news and feature articles and receiving feedback from professionals. I’ve gained insight into journalism. Beyond writing, I also possess skills and experiences in effectively utilizing social media. Last summer, I was a social media intern for Dream-A-Dream, an NGO in India that works to empower under-served youth. My tasks included developing, planning and executing social media initiatives, as well as writing and editing tweets, Facebook statuses, e-blasts and newsletters. Additionally, in the summer of 2014, I worked as a communications intern for Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, a Portland-based nonprofit, where I managed the organization’s social media outlets. I also organized volunteers, maintained an online voter database, researched current events and created content. These various experiences have affirmed my passion for journalism and new media.

"Those who tell stories rule society," Plato once said. Fortunately, with the advent of social media, storytelling continues to become democratized. New Media is challenging the monopoly of traditional news outlets. The Field of Journalism is going through profound changes and my goal is to utilize this opportunity to tell the important stories that often go unreported, to become a voice for those without institutional power. I aspire to be a modern-day Muckraker.


Selected Writings

2015 | Huffington Post
We Deserve Nuance: Common Misconceptions About Islam and Why You Should Never Blame All Muslims

2014 | Portland Press Herald
Letter to the Editor: Petition Push for a Stronger Clean Elections Law.

2012 | BBC World Service
Radio Broadcast: Abukar Adan is interviewed for his engagement with “Seeds of Peace”
(Listen at 0:1:30 minutes)